Photography Jobs: 116 Ways to Make Money with Your Photography Skills in 2024

Photography jobs are everywhere you look these days. If you can think of something people might want photos of, you can probably turn it into a revenue stream.

This article is a huge list containing several ways—116 of them!—that you can make money doing photography. For the purposes of this list, we haven’t distinguished between freelance and full-time gigs. Rather, we encourage you to use this as a jumping off point as you look for ways you can make money doing photography.

One big insight about photography jobs we got from making this list: Look for topics you already know a lot about, then think of how you can get someone to pay you to take photograph relevant to those topics.

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If you’ve always been into horseback riding, equine photography could be a good side hustle. Or if you’re a huge fan of the ocean, you may want to be a seascape photographer.

The point is, if you already have a passion for the subject and know something about it, you’ll have a leg up for shooting great photos of it and for finding an audience—and a network where you can sell those photos.

We encourage you to bookmark this page and use it as a brainstorming resource. That is, don’t read it straight through, but instead scroll, skim, and jump around. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration here!

One last thing—this list is not at all exhaustive. Far from it.

One thing you’ll notice as you look through this list of photography jobs is that almost anything could be turned into a job. If someone is making money in an industry and uses images to promote their work—or could use images and doesn’t realize it—most likely, that could be a photography job.

Let’s dive in.

To make this list as useful as possible we’ve organized it into categories:

Types of Photography Jobs

Moderate Photography Jobs

1. Agency Photographer

Agency photographers work for photography agencies, often getting dispatched to various assignments ranging from events to commercial shoots.

  • Salary range. $32,000 to $90,000 annually, based on agency reputation and clientele.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Demands adherence to specific client briefs, versatility across multiple photography genres, and meeting tight deadlines.
  • Top tips. Apply to photography agencies—they’re often hiring for full- and part-time work for this type of photography job.

2. Black and White Photographer

Black and White photographers specialize in capturing images devoid of color, focusing on contrast, shape, texture, and tonality to convey emotions and stories.

  • Salary range. $30,000 to $80,000 annually. Can vary based on exhibitions, print sales, and collaborations.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires a deep understanding of light and shadow.
  • Top tips. Master techniques to maximize tonal range, experiment with various subjects to understand the power of monochrome. Also, consider studying classic black and white photographs and photographers for inspiration and technique insights.

3. Candid Photographer

Candid photography captures unposed and spontaneous moments, preserving genuine emotions and expressions.

  • Salary range. $20,000 to $70,000 annually. Events and lifestyle shoots contribute significantly.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires observational skills and discretion.
  • Top tips. Work to develop a knack for anticipating genuine moments, build a portfolio that emphasizes emotions and spontaneity, and collaborate with event organizers and planners. Remember, make sure to use discretion and respect privacy.

4. Child Photographer

Child photography captures the essence, moods, and evolving personalities of children, ranging from infants to teenagers.

  • Salary range. $25,000 to $80,000 annually. Income can vary based on reputation, location, and specialization.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires patience, a genuine rapport with children, and adaptability to their moods.
  • Top tips. Work to develop an affinity and understanding of child behavior, create a fun, vibrant, and safe environment during sessions, and network with schools, parents, and child-focused events. Also, try offering thematic shoots, like birthdays and school milestones. Remember, try to stay updated with current child photography trends.

5. Corporate Photographer

Corporate photography caters to businesses and professionals, covering headshots, events, products, and branding needs.

  • Salary range. $40,000 to $95,000 annually. Larger corporations and consistent assignments boost income.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires understanding of corporate needs and branding.
  • Top tips. Study branding and understand the importance of brand consistency. Also, build a portfolio tailored to business aesthetics and try to stay updated with corporate trends and styles.

6. Cruise Ship Photographer

Cruise ship photographers capture moments for guests aboard cruise ships, from deck activities to dinners and port excursions.

  • Salary range. $20,000 to $55,000 annually, often includes benefits like free accommodation and meals on the ship.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires versatility in capturing diverse events, managing onboard studio setups, and catering to a transient clientele
  • Top tips. Apply directly to cruise lines or agencies hiring for ships—they have positions to fill for this work. While on board, build rapport with guests for posed and candid shots and acquaint yourself with ship environments. Keep in mind that this work can be grueling, and you may have to adapt to long work hours and weeks at sea. But it can also be a great way to build your portfolio and cut your teeth as a freelance photographer.

7. Drone Photographer

Drone photography uses unmanned aerial vehicles to capture elevated shots, offering unique perspectives on landscapes, properties, and events.

  • Salary range. $30,000 to $90,000 annually. Increasing demand in real estate and events.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires proficiency in drone operation and adherence to flight regulations.
  • Top tips. Make sure to get a Part 107 certification to fly drones commercially (if operating in the US), and become proficient in flying by practicing in various conditions and locations before showing up for your first job.

8. Editorial Photographer

Editorial photographers create images that accompany articles in magazines, newspapers, and online platforms, aiming to enhance or illustrate the content.

  • Salary range. $30,000 to $85,000 annually. Pay often depends on the publication’s stature and the photographer’s reputation.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires versatility and quick turnarounds.
  • Top tips. Specialize in a niche, like fashion or travel, to stand out and build a diverse portfolio showcasing storytelling ability. Also, be prepared for tight deadlines, and try to network with editors, journalists, and publication houses.

9. Equine Photographer

Equine photographers specialize in capturing horses in various settings, from competitive equestrian events to intimate portraits showcasing their majesty and grace.

  • Salary range. $31,000 to $88,000 annually. Demand is higher in equestrian-focused regions and events.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Understanding animal behavior, ensuring safety, and often working in varied terrains.
  • Top tips. Familiarize yourself with horse behavior and safety and attend equestrian events or horse shows. Also, consider joining equine photography associations.

10. Family Photographer

Family photography captures the bonds, interactions, and evolving dynamics of family members, creating keepsakes for generations.

  • Salary range. $30,000 to $90,000 annually. Seasonal shoots and event bookings can increase income.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires managing groups and understanding family dynamics.
  • Top tips. Understand posing for groups of varying sizes, develop a portfolio showcasing family interactions and bonds, and offer packages for occasions, holidays, and family milestones. Also, network through community events and family-focused activities. Remember, continuously refresh themes and shoot ideas to stay relevant.

11. Firework Photography

Firework photographers specialize in capturing the brilliance and grandeur of firework displays against night skies.

  • Salary range. $28,000 to $67,000 annually. Peak demand during holidays and festivals.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires precise timing, optimal camera settings, and the ability to work in challenging nighttime conditions
  • Top tips. Study and become proficient in settings for night photography, practice during local firework events, and make sure to use long exposures and tripods for stability.

12. Food Photography

Food photography brings out the aesthetic and appeal of dishes, often used for advertisements, menus, and culinary blogs.

  • Salary range. $25,000 to $85,000 annually. High demand in advertising and magazine sectors.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires understanding of lighting and food styling.
  • Top tips. Make sure to read up on food styling and presentation. Also, work your local restaurant and catering contacts—chances are, you know someone who can open a door where you live to get started. And don’t get pigeonholed—make sure to experiment with a variety of types of food.

13. Glamor Photographer

Glamour photography focuses on highlighting the allure and beauty of subjects, often emphasizing luxury, sensuality, and elegance.

  • Salary range. $30,000 to $95,000 annually. Reputation, studio location, and specialization can impact earnings.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires strong interpersonal skills and an eye for beauty aesthetics.
  • Top tips. Understand lighting techniques that flatter the subject. Also, consider building a team, including makeup artists and stylists and develop a portfolio showcasing various glamor styles. Remember, stay updated with beauty and fashion trends.

14. HDR Photographer

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photographers capture multiple exposures of a scene and combine them to depict a wider range of luminosity, showcasing details in both shadows and highlights.

  • Salary range. $32,000 to $88,000 annually. Popular in real estate, landscapes, and artistic photography.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires understanding of exposure blending.
  • Top tips. Learn bracketing techniques, master HDR software to merge exposures, and experiment with various scenes to understand benefits.

15. Historical Reenactment Photography

Photographers in this niche capture historical reenactments, portraying events from the past with accuracy and drama.

  • Salary range. $30,000 to $75,000 annually. Demand is higher during reenactment seasons.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires some understanding of historical contexts, adapting to varied lighting and settings, and capturing authenticity while respecting the reenactors
  • Top tips. Consider attending historical reenactment events and study the periods being portrayed. To get started, create a portfolio showcasing era authenticity.

16. Industrial Photographer

Industrial photography captures the processes, machinery, and structures in industries like manufacturing, construction, and energy.

  • Salary range. $40,000 to $100,000 annually. Major industrial sectors offer higher rates.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires understanding of industrial operations and safety measures.
  • Top tips. Become familiar with industrial environments. Also, build a portfolio showcasing machinery, workers, and processes. Remember, always ensure safety protocols are followed while working in industrial environments where accidents could lead to serious injury or fatality.

17. Lifestyle Photographer

Lifestyle photographers capture real-life situations in an artistic manner, aiming to portray stories, experiences, and everyday moments.

  • Salary range. $32,000 to $90,000 annually. Earnings can come from personal shoots, brand collaborations, and stock photography.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires the ability to make ordinary scenes look extraordinary.
  • Top tips. Try to develop a style that feels genuine and spontaneous. Also, network with influencers, brands, and agencies.

18. Maternity Photographer

Maternity photography celebrates the beauty and anticipation of motherhood, capturing the bond between the mother and her unborn child.

  • Salary range. $28,000 to $82,000 annually. Packages can include post-birth and family sessions.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires sensitivity to the needs and comforts of expectant mothers.
  • Top tips. Educate yourself about pregnancy and work to understand the nuances of posing expectant mothers. Also, collaborate with prenatal classes and birthing centers, offer thematic shoots based on client preferences, and develop a portfolio that accentuates the beauty of pregnancy. Remember, keep safety and comfort paramount during shoots.

19. Nature Photographer

Nature photography encompasses a range of outdoor photographic pursuits, capturing everything from landscapes to macro shots of flora.

  • Salary range. $18,000 to $65,000 annually. Income can vary based on publications, print sales, and workshops.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires understanding of natural environments and patience.
  • Top tips. Spend time outdoors to understand various natural subjects and collaborate with local conservation and land trust organizations, including local chapters of national groups like the Audubon.

20. Panorama Photographer

Panorama photographers capture wide-angle, elongated views of landscapes, cityscapes, or other subjects, presenting them in a format that offers a broader perspective.

  • Salary range. $34,000 to $95,000 annually. Often used in travel photography, real estate, and print media.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires precise technique and sometimes stitching.
  • Top tips. Educate yourself on panorama stitching techniques, invest in a quality wide-angle lens or panoramic tripod head, and master post-processing software for panoramas.

21. Pet Photographer

Pet photography captures animals, especially domesticated ones, highlighting their personalities, emotions, and antics.

  • Salary range. $20,000 to $70,000 annually. Pet portraits and events can supplement income.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires patience and understanding of animal behavior.
  • Top tips. Connect with pet owners, stores, and events—most likely, a friend will be more than happy to let you practice with their pets. Also, don’t pigeonhole yourself with one type of pet—make sure to understand and familiarize yourself with various pets. Finally, you may want some props to help liven up your shots.

22. Portrait Photographer

Portrait photography focuses on capturing individuals or groups, emphasizing facial expressions, backgrounds, and poses to portray the essence and personality of the subject.

  • Salary range. $30,000 to $75,000 annually depending on experience, location, and clientele. Top professionals with high-end clients can earn significantly more.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. While the technical aspects can be mastered with practice, the challenge often lies in connecting with subjects and eliciting genuine expressions.
  • Top tip. Practice by taking portraits of friends and family.

23. Product Photographer

Product photography highlights items in detail, commonly used in catalogs, websites, and advertisements.

  • Salary range. $25,000 to $75,000 annually. Rates per image can vary widely based on the client and product.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires keen attention to detail and consistency.
  • Top tips. Practice with different products and lighting setups, develop a clear, consistent style, and offer packages for e-commerce businesses.

24. Railroad Photographer

Railroad photographers capture the essence of trains, rail tracks, and stations, merging historical significance with modern-day relevance.

  • Salary range. $28,000 to $82,000 annually. Valued in historical publications, rail promotions, and documentaries.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires careful timing, safety considerations around tracks, and often permissions.
  • Top tips. Study historical and contemporary rail systems, attend train enthusiast events, and look into partnering with rail museums or historical societies. Remember, secure permissions for rail yard or station shoots.

25. Real Estate Photographer

Real estate photography showcases properties to attract potential buyers, highlighting the best features of homes or commercial spaces.

  • Salary range. $30,000 to $85,000 annually, with rates varying based on property value and location.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Balancing interior lighting with exterior views can be a challenge.
  • Top tips. Master wide-angle photography, network with real estate agents or agencies, try to study and understand the property market in your area.

26. Rural Photographer

Rural photographers capture the charm and simplicity of countryside living, highlighting natural landscapes, farm life, and the raw beauty of pastoral scenes.

  • Salary range. $30,000 to $85,000 annually. Common in travel journals, magazines, and stock photography.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Limited infrastructure and the potential need to navigate local customs.
  • Top tips. Build relationships with local communities, consider attending rural events or fairs, and spend time understanding rural culture and aesthetics.

27. School Photographer

School photographers capture portraits of students, staff, and school events, preserving memories for yearbooks and school records.

  • Salary range. $25,000 to $60,000 annually. Regular contracts with schools can provide steady income.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires patience, especially when working with younger students.
  • Top tips. Establish relationships with local schools and education boards. Also, develop techniques for efficiently managing large groups and stay updated with trends in school photography.

28. Stock Photographer

Stock photography creates images for licensing on stock platforms, catering to a vast audience for varied uses like advertising, blogs, and publications.

  • Salary range. $10,000 to $120,000 annually. Income is heavily reliant on sales, royalties, and platform popularity.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. High competition—but there’s a wide range of subjects, making for lots of opportunities if you’re willing to spend some time finding the right niche(s) for you.
  • Top tips. Study and understand the demands of stock image platforms, monitor trends and cater to timely themes, and try to create diverse and high-quality content. Also, engage in multiple stock platforms for wider reach. Remember, good photos are part of this work but so is making sure people find them—so make sure to optimize keywords for search to stay competitive.

29. Street Photographer

Street photography captures candid moments in public places, often reflecting society, culture, and everyday life.

  • Salary range. $15,000 to $60,000 annually. Many street photographers earn through exhibitions and print sales.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Balancing candid shots with respect for subjects is crucial.
  • Top tips. Don’t wait—start right now by exploring local streets and observing daily life in the area where you live. Also, make sure to consider the ethics of street photography, and don’t shoot people who clearly don’t want to be photographed.

30. Theater Photographer 

Theater photographers document stage productions, capturing the essence of scenes, actors, and behind-the-scenes moments.

  • Salary range. $28,000 to $85,000 annually. Regular collaborations with theaters and production houses can provide steady income.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level.  Requires working in low-light conditions and being unobtrusive.
  • Top tips. Develop an understanding of the nuances of stage lighting and compositions and attend local theater productions to practice and build a portfolio. Also, diversify by also capturing behind-the-scenes and rehearsal shots. Remember, be respectful of actors, avoiding disruptions during live performances.

31. Time-lapse Photographer

Time-lapse photographers capture sequences of photos over extended periods, which when played back rapidly, show dynamic changes in the scene.

  • Salary range. $30,000 to $90,000 annually. Often used in documentaries, nature films, and advertisements.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Requires patience and planning.
  • Top tips. Educate yourself on the fundamentals of interval shooting and experiment with day-to-night transitions. Also, choose interesting subjects with noticeable changes.

32. Travel Photographer

Travel photography captures the essence of various locations, from landscapes to cultures, showcasing the world’s diversity.

  • Salary range. $18,000 to $80,000 annually. Income from stock photography, magazines, and tourism boards.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Combines elements of many photography types and often involves extensive travel.
  • Top tips. Travel extensively and diversify your portfolio. Also, it’s never too early to make contacts with travel blogs, travel influencers, and more established travel magazines and websites to try and get your work out there. 

33. Urban Photographer

Urban photographers focus on capturing the vibrancy, chaos, and intricacies of city life, from towering skyscrapers to bustling streets.

  • Salary range. $32,000 to $90,000 annually. Popular in publications, city tourism, and stock photography.
  • Why a moderate difficulty level. Navigating crowded settings and rapidly changing environments.
  • Top tips. Explore cities at different times of day for unique shots and master techniques for shooting in varied lighting. Also, consider street or architectural sub-genres.

Moderate to Advanced Photography Jobs

34. Abstract Photographer 

Abstract photographers use camera techniques, lighting, and post-processing to create images that focus on shape, color, and form over literal representation.

  • Salary range. $24,000 to $85,000 annually. Income can vary based on exhibitions, print sales, and commissioned projects.
  • Why a moderate to advanced difficulty level. Requires a strong creative vision and innovative techniques.
  • Top tips. Cultivate an eye for patterns, textures, and unconventional subjects and experiment with various in-camera and post-processing techniques. Also, network with other abstract artists and photographers and exhibit work in varied venues to gain recognition.

35. Aerial Photographer

Aerial photography captures views from elevated positions, often from aircraft, showcasing landscapes, cityscapes, or events from above. + Kite Aerial Photography

  • Salary range. $30,000 to $95,000 annually. Specialized assignments can offer higher rates.
  • Why a moderate to advanced difficulty level. Involves coordination with flight logistics and understanding of elevation dynamics.
  • Top tips. Offer services to real estate, construction, and tourism industries. Also, if you’re serious about developing this skill set, consider gaining flying experience or collaborate with pilots and then work to build a diverse portfolio of aerial shots.

36. Automotive Photographer

Automotive photography captures the design, details, and aesthetics of vehicles, often used for advertisements, magazines, and events.

  • Salary range. $30,000 to $100,000 annually. High demand in the automobile industry and magazines.
  • Why a moderate to advanced difficulty level. Requires knowledge of cars and lighting techniques.
  • Top tips. Make sure you have a basic understanding of car design elements—start by doing some research online to see what gets emphasized in automotive photography and get a feel for the types of images that appear in popular automotive magazines. Also, make sure to shoot both static and action shots, as possible.

37. Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir photography is a sensual and intimate style, aiming to celebrate and empower an individual’s body confidence and self-expression.

  • Salary range. $35,000 to $100,000 annually. Personalized sessions and luxury packages can command higher rates.
  • Why a moderate to advanced difficulty level. Requires building trust, discretion, and an understanding of intimate aesthetics.
  • Top tips. Develop strong communication skills to put clients at ease, build a portfolio that tastefully showcases sensuality, and offer tailored packages for different comfort levels. Remember, it’s important to listen and work to understand the importance of privacy and discretion—everyone will have different comfort levels, requiring a sensitivity to each individual’s desires.

38. Commercial Photographer

Commercial photography promotes products or services, primarily for advertisements or brochures.

  • Salary range. $30,000 to $90,000 annually, though top commercial photographers can earn much more per campaign.
  • Why a moderate to advanced difficulty level. Clients demand perfection and high production values.
  • Top tips. Network with ad agencies and corporate clients and consider submitting samples of your work proactively that could be used for a campaign of your creation.

39. Dance Photographer

Dance photographers capture the fluidity, grace, and emotion of dancers, both during live performances and in studio settings.

  • Salary range. $27,000 to $87,000 annually. Earnings can come from collaboration with dance schools, theaters, and dance magazines.
  • Why a moderate to advanced difficulty level. Requires an understanding of dance movements and impeccable timing.
  • Top tips. Develop an understanding of different dance styles and work to master the art of capturing movement without blur, unless intentional. Also, attend dance performances and rehearsals regularly and build a portfolio showcasing various dance forms.

40. Environmental Photography

Environmental photographers capture images that address environmental issues, showcasing the beauty of nature while drawing attention to threats it faces.

  • Salary range. $30,000 to $76,000 annually. Can vary based on publications or advocacy campaigns.
  • Why a moderate to advanced difficulty level. Requires adeptness in diverse settings and an understanding of ecological narratives.
  • Top tips. Travel to impacted areas to document firsthand, cultivate passion and understanding of environmental issues, and consider collaborating with environmental NGOs and publications. Remember, diversify your portfolio by capturing both beauty and devastation.

41. Event Photographer

Event photographers capture moments from occasions like corporate functions, parties, or concerts, ensuring memories from these events are documented.

  • Salary range. $25,000 to $80,000 annually, depending on frequency and scale of events covered.
  • Why a moderate to advanced difficulty level. Diverse environments, the need for capturing candid moments, and lighting challenges require adaptability, which comes from experience.
  • Top tips. Start by covering small, local events and network with event planners and coordinators.

42. Landscape Photographer

Landscape photography captures the beauty of natural and urban environments, highlighting sweeping vistas, dramatic terrain, and atmospheric conditions.

  • Salary range. $20,000 to $70,000 annually. Income may vary based on print sales, workshops, or gallery exhibits.
  • Why a moderate to advanced difficulty level. Requires patience, planning, and often involves traveling to remote locations.
  • Top tips. Develop a deep understanding of natural light and atmospheric conditions, and travel to various locations to diversify your portfolio and practice with different types of landscapes.

43. Medical Photographer

Medical photography documents medical conditions, surgeries, and clinical procedures for medical records, education, and research.

  • Salary range. $40,000 to $100,000 annually. Institutions and specialized medical fields can offer competitive salaries.
  • Why a moderate to advanced difficulty level. Requires some knowledge of medical procedures and equipment.
  • Top tips. Establish a knowledge base in medical sciences and build a portfolio showcasing clinical imagery. Also, make sure you have an understanding of patient confidentiality and ethical considerations.

44. Newborn Photographer

Newborn photography specializes in capturing the earliest days of an infant’s life, highlighting their innocence, delicate features, and tiny details.

  • Salary range. $30,000 to $85,000 annually. Tailored packages and recurring clients can increase earnings.
  • Why a moderate to advanced difficulty level. Requires careful handling of infants and patience.
  • Top tips. Learn safe handling techniques for newborns, create a calm and warm environment for sessions, and network with maternity hospitals and prenatal classes. Also, consider offering packages that include milestones of the baby’s first year.

45. Night Photographer

Night photographers specialize in capturing scenes with low light, often showcasing the beauty of the night sky, cityscapes, or nocturnal activities.

  • Salary range. $28,000 to $85,000 annually. Can vary based on prints, workshops, or special projects.
  • Why a moderate to advanced difficulty level. Work in challenging lighting conditions.
  • Top tips. Master manual camera settings for low light and learn about long exposure and noise reduction.

46. Rodeo Photographer

Rodeo photographers specialize in capturing the fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping action of rodeo events, from bull riding to barrel racing.

  • Salary range. $29,000 to $83,000 annually. High demand during rodeo seasons.
  • Why a moderate to advanced difficulty level. Capturing high-energy and unpredictable rodeo events requires quick reflexes, an understanding of animal and rider movements, and can place the photographer close to potential hazards.
  • Top tips. Attend local rodeos and practice shooting. Also, familiarize yourself with rodeo events and safety protocols.

47. Seascape Photographer

Seascape photographers specialize in capturing the beauty and power of the ocean, blending elements of landscape photography with coastal environments.

  • Salary range. $29,000 to $87,000 annually. Used in nature publications, art prints, and travel promotions.
  • Why a moderate to advanced difficulty level. Dealing with unpredictable tides and rapidly changing weather conditions.
  • Top tips. Educate yourself on the details of tracking tide schedules and weather and visit coastal locations during golden or blue hours. Also, consider collaborating with marine conservation groups or coastal businesses.

48. Scientific Photographer

Scientific photography documents experiments, phenomena, and subjects of scientific interest, supporting research, documentation, and educational endeavors.

  • Salary range. $35,000 to $80,000 annually. Research institutions and universities can offer competitive salaries.
  • Why a moderate to advanced difficulty level. Requires some knowledge of scientific methods and precision.
  • Top tips. Consider pursuing a background in science or related fields so you can understand the specific requirements of scientific documentation. Also, collaborate with researchers and institutions, develop techniques for unique scientific scenarios, and try to stay updated with advancements in both science and photography.

49. Still Life Photographer

Still life photographers create images of inanimate objects, often artistically arranged, to evoke emotions, moods, or convey symbolic meanings.

  • Salary range. $28,000 to $78,000 annually. Income sources include art sales, advertising, and editorial assignments.
  • Why a moderate to advanced difficulty level. Requires patience and meticulous composition skills.
  • Top tips. Develop an eye for composition and object placement and experiment with lighting to enhance mood.

50. Themed Portrait Photographer

Themed portrait photographers conceptualize and capture portraits based on specific themes, often incorporating costumes, props, and unique settings.

  • Salary range. $30,000 to $95,000 annually. Themes can range from vintage to fantasy.
  • Why a moderate to advanced difficulty level. Requires intricate planning, sourcing of props and backdrops, and collaborating closely with subjects to evoke the desired theme
  • Top tips. Collaborate with costume designers or makeup artists, develop a portfolio of unique themes, and offer themed sessions for special occasions. Also, consider attending conventions or fairs for specific themes.

51. 360-degree Photographer

360-degree photographers capture panoramic images that encompass a full circle view, allowing viewers to navigate and explore a scene as if they’re in it.

  • Salary range. $35,000 to $100,000 annually. Often used in real estate, tourism, and virtual reality.
  • Why a moderate to advanced difficulty level. Requires specialized equipment and post-processing.
  • Top tips. Technology is key to this type of photography, so you’ll need to invest in 360-degree cameras or panoramic equipment. Also, master stitching techniques to combine images seamlessly and stay updated on VR and AR trends.

Advanced Photography Jobs

52. Advertising Photographer

Advertising photographers create compelling images to promote products, services, or concepts, often in collaboration with marketing teams.

  • Salary range. $40,000 to $150,000 annually. Top photographers can command high fees for big brand campaigns.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level. Requires creativity and understanding of brand messaging.
  • Top tips. Work to master product and commercial photography techniques and understand the goals and target audience of each campaign. Also, stay updated on advertising trends and consumer behavior and try to continuously innovate and offer fresh perspectives.

53. Architectural Photographer

Architectural photography captures buildings and structures in aesthetically pleasing ways, emphasizing design, form, and function.

  • Salary range. $35,000 to $90,000 annually. High-end assignments, especially for renowned structures, can pay more.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level. Requires understanding of architecture and design principles.
  • Top tips. Study architectural styles and history, collaborate with architects or designers, and attend architectural showcases or exhibitions. To stand out, try to develop a niche (e.g., historic buildings, modern structures, etc.).

54. Astrophotography

Astrophotography captures celestial objects and phenomena, from star trails to galaxies, showcasing the wonders of the universe.

  • Salary range. $20,000 to $80,000 annually. Income can be supplemented through workshops and print sales.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level. Requires knowledge of celestial movements and long exposure techniques.
  • Top tips. Understand the basics of astronomy and invest in a telescope and tracking mounts. Try to start by photographing the moon and planets and connect with others doing this work by joining astronomy clubs or communities.

55. Birth Photography

Birth photographers capture the intimate moments surrounding childbirth, from labor to the first moments of a newborn’s life.

  • Salary range. $35,000 to $98,000 annually, often charging per birth session.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level. Requires extreme sensitivity to the situation, an understanding of medical settings, and the ability to work in varied lighting conditions
  • Top tips. Develop a respectful and gentle approach, network with birthing centers and midwives. Remember, you’ll want to be available during unpredictable labor hours, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to go into this type of photography job.

56. Concert Photographer

Concert photographers capture live music events, highlighting the energy, emotions, and dynamics between performers and their audience.

  • Salary range. $25,000 to $80,000 annually. Earnings can vary based on event scale, reputation, and publication deals.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level. Requires working in challenging lighting conditions and crowded spaces with little room for error.
  • Top tips. Start by photographing local bands or events. Also, develop an understanding of the dynamics of stage lighting and movement and develop a portfolio showcasing your ability to capture live moments. Remember,stay updated with music genres and trends.

57. Documentary Photographer

Documentary photography tells stories about people, places, or events, often addressing social and cultural issues.

  • Salary range. $20,000 to $75,000 annually. Assignments, exhibitions, and grants can supplement income.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level. Requires deep immersion and understanding of subjects.
  • Top tips. Do deep research for the topics you’re interested in shooting. For example, if you want to shoot a cultural tradition in Guatemala, read up on that tradition and do oral research among those who practice it so that when it’s time to shoot, you know what it is you’re shooting. Also, collaborate with NGOs or news agencies and look to build a narrative-driven portfolio.

58. Fashion Photographer

Fashion photography showcases clothing and other fashion items, typically for magazines or advertisements.

  • Salary range. $28,000 to $150,000+ annually. High-profile shoots and campaigns can pay significantly more.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level.  Industry demands creativity, originality, and staying ahead of trends.
  • Top tips. Develop a unique style or perspective, attend fashion school or workshops to continue learning, and try to network with fashion designers, models, and agencies. Also, shoot test sessions or spec shoots to build a portfolio.

59. Fine Art Photographer

Fine art photographers create images that convey a vision, emotion, or concept, often for display in galleries, exhibitions, or personal collections.

  • Salary range. $25,000 to $100,000 annually. Revenue often comes from print sales, exhibitions, and commissions.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level. Requires a unique vision and the ability to market oneself in the art world.
  • Top tips. Your shots of art are also art—so it’s important to develop a distinctive style or theme in your work. Also, exhibit work in galleries, online platforms, and art fairs and network with art collectors, curators, and fellow artists. Remember, stay updated with art trends and critiques.

60. Forensic Photographer

Forensic photographers provide detailed photographic documentation of crime scenes, aiding law enforcement and legal proceedings.

  • Salary range. $35,000 to $75,000 annually. Often employed by law enforcement agencies or forensic labs.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level. Requires attention to detail, discretion, and the ability to handle potentially disturbing scenes.
  • Top tips. Consider gaining a background in criminal justice or forensics and/or undergoing specialized training in forensic photography. Also, work at or partner with law enforcement agencies. Remember, stay updated with advances in forensic science.

61. Infrared Photographer

Infrared photographers utilize IR filters or modified cameras to capture wavelengths of light invisible to the naked eye, resulting in surreal landscapes and ethereal images.

  • Salary range. $30,000 to $80,000 annually. Often pursued as a niche art form or for scientific purposes.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level. Requires specialized equipment and specialized knowledge to accurately read that equipment.
  • Top tips. Educate yourself on the effects of IR on different scenes and experiment with post-processing to enhance IR effects. Also, invest in the right infrared imaging technology for your needs.

62. Macro Photographer

Macro photography magnifies small subjects, revealing intricate details and textures, often unseen by the naked eye.

  • Salary range. $20,000 to $70,000 annually. Niche sectors like jewelry and science can offer higher rates.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level. Requires precision and understanding of close-up techniques.
  • Top tips. Study and work toward mastering the techniques of close-up photography. Also, invest in a dedicated macro lens or extension tubes and make sure to build a portfolio with a range of subjects.

63. Military Photographer 

Military photographers document the life and operations of the armed forces, capturing training, combat, and day-to-day activities.

  • Salary range. $30,000 to $70,000 annually, often inclusive of military benefits.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level. Can involve physical risk and requires adaptability in various environments.
  • Top tips. You’ll almost definitely need to be enlisted in the military to do military photography. Also, be prepared to be deployed in diverse locations and situations, work closely with military communication and public affairs teams, and maintain equipment in challenging environments.

64. NICU Photographer

NICU photographers capture delicate moments in Neonatal Intensive Care Units, documenting the early journey of premature or critically ill newborns and their families.

  • Salary range. $28,000 to $75,000 annually. Some NICU photographers also offer their services pro bono or at discounted rates to families in need.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level. Requires extreme care, sensitivity, and the ability to work in medically intensive environments.
  • Top tips. Establish connections with local hospitals and NICU units, develop skills in low-light and quiet photography to minimize disruptions, and educate yourself on the medical and emotional challenges faced by parents with infants in the NICU. Also, build a portfolio that is respectful and evokes emotion. Remember to be supportive and compassionate in communication with families—having a child in the NICU could be the hardest experience of their lives.

65. Paparazzi

Paparazzi are photographers who capture candid images of celebrities, often in their personal moments, for tabloids, magazines, or media outlets.

  • Salary range. $25,000 to $200,000+ annually. Highly variable based on the exclusivity of shots.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level. Involves navigating intense competition, ensuring discretion, and frequently facing security and legal challenges. Remember, this work is ethically challenging, and reflecting on the ethical considerations of the job is encouraged.
  • Top tips. Be aware of public events and celebrity whereabouts, and be able to move quickly to capture the shots you need. Also, master stealth and quick photography techniques, develop contacts within entertainment circles, and build relationships with media outlets. Remember, this work is ethically challenging, and reflecting on the ethical considerations of the job is encouraged as well as staying updated on legal boundaries and rights.

66. Photojournalist

Photojournalism tells news stories through powerful images, capturing events, people, and moments that have societal relevance and impact.

  • Salary range. $25,000 to $85,000 annually. Leading news agencies and assignments in conflict zones can offer higher compensation.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level. Requires quick thinking, ethical considerations, and often involves working in challenging conditions.
  • Top tips. Storytelling is key here—try to build a portfolio that showcases storytelling abilities. 

67. Sports Photographer

Sports photography captures athletes in action, conveying the thrill, drama, and emotions of sporting events.

  • Salary range. $30,000 to $90,000 annually. Top photographers at major events can earn more per assignment.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level. Requires quick reflexes and typically an understanding of each individual sport.
  • Top tips. Study and become proficient in the basics of action photography, attend local sports events for practice, and network with sports teams or news agencies. Also, invest in equipment that offers fast shutter speeds.

68. 3D Photographer

3D photographers create images that appear three-dimensional, providing depth perception when viewed, commonly used in e-commerce, movies, or virtual reality.

  • Salary range. $35,000 to $110,000 annually. Demand is rising with technological advancements.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level. Demands mastery over specialized equipment, software proficiency for post-processing, and a keen understanding of spatial relationships
  • Top tips. Study 3D imaging techniques, invest in 3D photography equipment, and stay updated on software and tech trends. Also, consider collaborating with industries using 3D imaging.

69. Underwater Photographer

Underwater photography captures marine life, underwater landscapes, and divers, bringing the mysteries of the deep to the surface.

  • Salary range. $25,000 to $70,000 annually. Income may vary based on dive expeditions, publications, and gallery sales.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level. Combines the challenges of diving with those of photography and the unique difficulties of understanding how being underwater impacts lighting for shooting photos.
  • Top tips. Become a certified diver, both for safety and for reassuring clients that you know what you’re doing. Also, connect with dive groups and marine conservationists, and try to get your work out there by submitting it to diving magazines, underwater photo contests, or popular marine blogs.

70. Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography captures the emotions, events, and details of a couple’s special day, preserving cherished moments for a lifetime.

  • Salary range. $25,000 to $100,000+ annually, with many photographers charging between $1,200 to $3,000 per wedding. Pricing varies widely based on reputation, location, and package details.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level. Balancing the pressure of a one-time event with varying lighting conditions and spontaneous moments can be challenging.
  • Top tips. Assist or shadow experienced wedding photographers to learn the ropes. Also, build a portfolio with other other events or even mock weddings and try to stay updated with the latest wedding trends

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71. Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife photography aims to capture animals in their natural habitats, showcasing their behaviors, interactions, and beauty.

  • Salary range. $20,000 to $80,000 annually. Many wildlife photographers also earn through workshops, books, and speaking engagements.
  • Why an advanced difficulty level. Requires patience, respect for wildlife, and often involves unpredictable conditions.
  • Top tips. Learn about various wildlife species and their behaviors, attend wildlife photography workshops or safaris, and try to make contacts at wildlife magazines, conservation organizations, and with wildlife conservationists and researchers. Also, for this one, there’s an ethical component—it’s important to prioritize ethical practices to avoid disturbing natural behaviors.

Drone Photography Jobs

72. Advertising and Promotions Drone Photography

Drones produce dynamic aerial content for commercials, brand promotions, and product launches, elevating advertising campaigns.

  • Salary range. $200-$3,000 per project, influenced by the brand’s budget and the complexity of the shoot.
  • Difficulty level. Advanced—needs creative flair and collaboration with advertising teams.
  • Top tips. Have a background in advertising or commercial photography, refine drone skills, and network within the advertising industry.

73. Agriculture Drone Photography

Drones in agriculture help in surveying crops, monitoring their health, and assessing areas for sowing.

  • Salary range. $20-$150 per acre, based on the complexity of the task.
  • Difficulty level. Advanced—requires some knowledge of agronomy.
  • Top tips. Understand agriculture sector requirements, get drone pilot certification, and partner with farms or agronomy experts.

74. Construction Drone Photography

Drones in construction monitor project progress, ensure compliance with designs, and provide aerial views for stakeholders.

  • Salary range. $50-$300 per hour, based on the project’s scope.
  • Difficulty level. Intermediate to Advanced—requires understanding of construction processes.
  • Top tips. Understand construction terminology and needs, become a certified drone pilot, and collaborate with construction firms.

75. Event Coverage Drone Photography

Drones capture outdoor events, festivals, concerts, and sports, offering aerial perspectives that immerse viewers.

  • Salary range. $100-$1,500 per event, based on its scale and client’s requirements.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate to Advanced—managing crowd dynamics and event-specific challenges.
  • Top tips. Have a background in traditional event photography, hone drone piloting skills, and network with event organizers.

76. Filmmaking Drone Photography

Drones in filmmaking offer dynamic aerial shots, capturing angles and movements challenging for traditional cameras.

  • Salary range. $200-$2,000 per day, depending on the film’s budget and complexity of the shot.
  • Difficulty level. Advanced—requires coordinating with film crew and directors.
  • Top tips. Have a background in filmmaking or cinematography, master drone piloting skills, and build a portfolio with cinematic drone shots.

77. Inspections Drone Photography

Drones assist in inspecting infrastructure like bridges, towers, power lines, and pipelines, ensuring safety and compliance.

  • Salary range. $50-$300 per hour, depending on the complexity and risk.
  • Difficulty level. Advanced—requires precision and understanding of what to inspect.
  • Top tips. Understand engineering or structural inspection basics, become a certified drone pilot, and collaborate with inspection companies or public utility entities.

78. Insurance Claims Drone Photography

Drones are used to assess property damages after natural disasters or accidents, helping insurers with rapid claim processing.

  • Salary range. $100-$500 per assignment, depending on the scale of the damage and insurer’s requirements.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate—requires precise documentation and knowledge of what insurers require.
  • Top tips. Familiarize with insurance claim processes, become a certified drone pilot, and build connections within insurance agencies.

79. Journalism Drone Photography

Reporting news or capturing events of public interest from an aerial perspective, offering unique viewpoints on unfolding situations.

  • Salary range. Varies widely, from $50 for a single shot to $500+ for detailed coverage.
  • Difficulty level. Advanced—might require flying in challenging conditions.
  • Top tips. Start with traditional photojournalism, understand the ethics and legalities of drone journalism, get certified, and collaborate with news agencies.

80. Real Estate Drone Photography

Drone photography in real estate showcases properties, especially large estates or those with scenic surroundings, giving potential buyers a bird’s-eye view of the entire property.

  • Salary range. $50-$500 per shoot, depending on property size and location.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate—requires understanding of property highlighting.
  • Top tips. Gain proficiency in drone piloting, understand real estate market needs, build a portfolio, and network with real estate agents.

81. Travel and Tourism Drone Photography

Drones promote tourist spots, hotels, resorts, and natural attractions, enticing travelers with mesmerizing aerial views.

  • Salary range. $50-$500 per shoot, or even more for extensive promotional campaigns.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate—capturing the essence of travel destinations.
  • Top tips. Have a passion for travel, become a certified drone pilot, collaborate with tourism boards, travel agencies, or hotels.

82. Sports Training Drone Photography

Drones capture aerial footage of athletes, assisting coaches in analyzing performance and technique from multiple angles.

  • Salary range. $50-$300 per hour/session, based on the sport and team’s budget.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate—requires understanding of the specific sport to capture crucial moments.
  • Top tips. Educate yourself about the targeted sport and engage with sports teams or training academies.

83. Stock Drone Photography

Drones can capture general and niche aerial footage sold on stock platforms for use in various projects by clients worldwide.

  • Salary range. $10-$500 per clip sale, depending on the platform and uniqueness of the footage.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate—requires foresight to capture in-demand scenes.
  • Top tips. Understand the stock footage market, shoot diverse content, become a certified drone pilot, and create accounts on leading stock platforms.

84. Surveying and Mapping Drone Photography

Drones provide detailed aerial surveys for topography, land use, and other geographical data, often in 3D models.

  • Salary range. $20-$200 per acre or hour, based on the project’s scope and detail.
  • Difficulty level. Advanced—requires knowledge of geospatial technologies.
  • Top tips. Understand basics of geospatial surveys, gain proficiency in related software, become a certified drone pilot, and liaise with surveying agencies.

85. Wedding Drone Photography

Capturing aerial views of wedding ceremonies, receptions, and sometimes romantic drone shots of couples in scenic locations.

  • Salary range. $500-$2000 per wedding, based on package and complexity.
  • Difficulty level. Advanced—requires precision flying amidst crowds.
  • Top tips. Develop traditional wedding photography skills, get certified as a drone pilot, and build a portfolio catering to wedding clientele.

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Photography-related Jobs

These roles highlight the extensive opportunities available in the photography industry, beyond just the act of capturing images.

86. Aerial Shot Coordinator

Overseeing the capturing of aerial shots, coordinating between pilots, photographers, and the production team to achieve desired visuals.

  • Salary range. $40,000-$85,000 annually, swayed by the scale of productions and expertise.
  • Difficulty level. Advanced—demands thorough planning, communication, and safety awareness.
  • Top tips. Establish good relationships with skilled pilots, understand the technicalities of aerial photography, and prioritize safety regulations in all operations.

87. Album Designer

Crafting visually appealing and cohesive photo albums, often for events like weddings or special occasions.

  • Salary range. $30,000-$65,000 annually, can vary with the complexity and exclusivity of designs.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate to Advanced—merges design skills with understanding client preferences.
  • Top tips. Develop a diverse portfolio showcasing a range of styles, understand the latest design software, and network with event photographers to get regular business.

88. Camera Operator

Operating cameras for film, television, or live events to capture scenes as directed by a filmmaker or producer.

  • Salary range. $30,000-$80,000 annually, varying based on production budget and experience.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate to Advanced—requires technical proficiency and the ability to interpret a director’s vision.
  • Top tips. Gain experience in diverse filming environments, understand the technical nuances of various cameras, and build a strong portfolio demonstrating versatility.

89. Camera Repair Technician

Diagnosing and repairing camera equipment issues, ensuring they function optimally for photographers.

  • Salary range. $25,000-$55,000 annually, dependent on expertise and clientele.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate—demands a deep technical understanding of camera mechanics.
  • Top tips. Stay updated with the latest camera technologies, get certified if possible, and offer impeccable customer service to build trust and reputation.

90. Color Management Specialist 

Perfecting the colors in photographs to ensure they’re consistent across various devices and print formats.

  • Salary range. $40,000-$70,000 annually, depending on the scale of projects and clientele.
  • Difficulty level. Advanced—demands deep technical knowledge of color theory and digital software.
  • Top tips. Familiarize yourself with various color calibration tools, understand the intricacies of various displays, and continuously update your skills with software advancements.

91. Darkroom Technician

Processing and developing film photographs in a darkroom environment.

  • Salary range. $25,000-$50,000 annually, influenced by expertise and institutional association.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate to Advanced—demands technical expertise in film processing.
  • Top tips. Master the nuances of chemical processes, maintain a well-organized darkroom, and stay updated with both vintage and contemporary film techniques.

92. Digital Imaging Specialist

Specializing in the digitization of images and ensuring their optimal quality for various platforms, often involved in restoration and digital enhancement.

  • Salary range. $35,000-$75,000 annually, depending on the complexity of projects and expertise.
  • Difficulty level. Advanced—requires expertise in digital imaging tools and techniques.
  • Top tips. Master software like Photoshop, Lightroom, and specialized digitization tools; stay updated on emerging technologies; and understand the requirements of different digital platforms.

93. Director of Photography

Overseeing the visual aspects of a film or television production, guiding the camera crew to achieve the desired cinematic vision.

  • Salary range. $50,000-$200,000+ annually, highly variable based on production scale and reputation.
  • Difficulty level. Advanced—requires extensive cinematographic knowledge and leadership skills.
  • Top tips. Build a strong portfolio with diverse projects, nurture relationships within the film industry, and continuously learn about emerging film technologies.

94. Image Librarian

Organizing, cataloging, and maintaining a large collection of digital or physical images, ensuring easy retrieval and proper archiving.

  • Salary range. $35,000-$70,000 annually, influenced by the scale of the library and associated institution.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate—blends organizational skills with a keen understanding of photography.
  • Top tips. Develop proficiency in digital asset management software, understand copyright and licensing intricacies, and maintain a systematic approach to cataloging.

95. Photography Agent

Representing photographers and their work, helping them secure contracts, exhibitions, or deals, and generally advancing their professional opportunities.

  • Salary range. Typically commission-based, earning anywhere from 10%-50% of the photographer’s fees, depending on agreements and the scale of projects.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate to Advanced—requires excellent networking skills and industry knowledge.
  • Top tips. Build a diverse roster of photographers, understand industry pricing standards, and establish relationships with galleries, magazines, and advertisers.

96. Photo Archivist

Managing and preserving photographic collections, ensuring they’re cataloged, stored, and accessible for future generations.

  • Salary range. $35,000-$60,000 annually, dependent on institution size and location.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate to Advanced—requires meticulous organizational skills and an understanding of preservation techniques.
  • Top tips. Familiarize yourself with digital and physical storage methodologies, stay updated with archival technologies, and network with institutions in need of archiving services.

97. Photography Assistant

Supporting the lead photographer in various tasks like setting up equipment, managing clients, and post-production tasks.

  • Salary range. $20,000-$40,000 annually, depending on responsibilities and experience.
  • Difficulty level. Beginner to Moderate—often an entry-level position with on-the-job learning.
  • Top tips. Familiarize yourself with different camera equipment, be proactive in understanding the needs of the shoot, and be open to feedback to grow in the role.

98. Photo Booth Operator

Managing and operating photo booths at events, ensuring clients and guests receive quality instant photographs.

  • Salary range. $20,000-$45,000 annually, influenced by the number of events and added services.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate—combines technical setup with customer service.
  • Top tips. Familiarize yourself with different photo booth setups, enhance interpersonal skills, and establish partnerships with event planners for consistent bookings.

99. Photography Curator

Overseeing collections of photographic artworks in museums, galleries, or events, ensuring appropriate display, acquisition, and interpretation of the pieces.

  • Salary range. $40,000-$85,000 annually, depending on the prestige of the institution or event.
  • Difficulty level. Advanced—demands extensive knowledge of art history, aesthetics, and the technical aspects of photography.
  • Top tips. Develop a keen eye for emerging talents, maintain strong relationships with photographers and galleries, and continually educate yourself about photography’s evolving landscape.

100. Photo Editor

Reviewing, selecting, and editing photographs to best represent a story, brand, or theme.

  • Salary range. $30,000-$75,000 annually, depending on experience and industry.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate to Advanced—requires a keen eye for detail, technical expertise, and often quick turnarounds.
  • Top tips. Master popular photo editing software, stay updated on the latest trends in visual content, and build a diverse editing portfolio to showcase your versatility.

101. Photojournalism Editor

Guiding and selecting the visual storytelling elements in newspapers, magazines, or digital media, ensuring that photographs align with the narrative and uphold journalistic integrity.

  • Salary range. $40,000-$90,000 annually, dependent on the publication’s reach and prestige.
  • Difficulty level. Advanced—requires keen editorial judgment and understanding of journalistic ethics.
  • Top tips. Stay updated on current events, develop a network with photographers, and always prioritize the truthfulness and impact of an image.

102. Photo Forensic Expert

Analyzing photographs for legal or investigative purposes, detecting alterations, or validating the authenticity of images.

  • Salary range. $45,000-$90,000 annually, can be higher based on complexity of cases and reputation.
  • Difficulty level. Advanced—merges photography expertise with investigative skills.
  • Top tips. Gain credentials in forensic science or investigation, build a network with law enforcement agencies, and regularly update skills with emerging digital forensics tools.

103. Photography Historian

Studying the history and evolution of photography, its techniques, and its impact on culture and society, often publishing findings in books, articles, or lectures.

  • Salary range. $35,000-$75,000 annually, based on research grants, publications, and affiliations.
  • Difficulty level. Advanced—necessitates a thorough understanding of both photography and history.
  • Top tips. Dive deep into archival research, foster connections with museums and educational institutions, and stay curious about the intersections of photography with broader historical events.

104. Photography Instructor

Teaching students the art, techniques, and science behind capturing effective photographs.

  • Salary range. $30,000-$70,000 annually, often more with private tutoring or workshops.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate—requires deep knowledge of photography and effective teaching skills.
  • Top tips. Obtain certifications if possible, develop a specialized niche or course offering, and continually update your own skills to stay relevant.

105. Photography Licensing Specialist

Facilitating the legal process of image usage, ensuring photographers’ works are used appropriately and they’re compensated fairly.

  • Salary range. $40,000-$75,000 annually, based on agency affiliation and volume of work.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate to Advanced—requires knowledge of copyright laws and contract negotiations.
  • Top tips. Develop strong relationships with photographers, understand the intricacies of licensing agreements, and familiarize yourself with international copyright laws if working globally.

106. Photo Printing Specialist

Ensuring high-quality photographic prints by managing, adjusting, and overseeing the printing process.

  • Salary range. $25,000-$50,000 annually, based on expertise and the scale of operations.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate—requires knowledge of printing techniques and materials.
  • Top tips. Stay updated with the latest printing technologies, develop an eye for detail, and foster relationships with photographers for consistent business.

107. Photography Researcher

Sourcing and verifying images for various projects, ensuring they fit the content’s narrative, quality standards, and copyright regulations.

  • Salary range. $30,000-$60,000 annually, based on project complexity and employer.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate—necessitates a keen eye for relevance and attention to copyright details.
  • Top tips. Familiarize yourself with major photo archives, develop a system for tracking image rights, and maintain good relationships with photographers and agencies.

108. Photo Retoucher

Enhancing and altering photographs digitally to improve their appearance or to meet specific requirements.

  • Salary range. $25,000-$60,000 annually, depending on experience and complexity of projects.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate to Advanced—requires proficiency in photo editing software and an eye for detail.
  • Top tips. Master tools like Photoshop and Lightroom, continuously update skills with online tutorials, and work on diverse projects to hone expertise.

109. Photography Sales Consultant

Guiding clients in purchasing the right photography services or products tailored to their needs.

  • Salary range. $30,000-$60,000 annually, often commission-based depending on sales volume.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate—combines knowledge of photography with sales skills.
  • Top tips. Understand the range of photography products and services deeply, hone interpersonal skills, and keep an eye on emerging photography trends to guide clients effectively.

110. Photography Software Developer

Creating and optimizing software solutions tailored for photography editing, management, or enhancement.

  • Salary range. $50,000-$120,000 annually, depending on expertise and scale of projects.
  • Difficulty level. Advanced—requires deep technical coding knowledge and understanding of photographers’ needs.
  • Top tips. Stay updated with the latest trends in photography, collaborate closely with photographers for feedback, and continuously improve coding skills.

111. Photography Studio Manager

Overseeing the daily operations of a photography studio, managing staff, budgets, and ensuring client satisfaction.

  • Salary range. $35,000-$80,000 annually, depending on the size and prestige of the studio.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate to Advanced—requires managerial skills coupled with an understanding of photography business operations.
  • Top tips. Develop strong interpersonal and organizational skills, understand the intricacies of the photography business, and maintain a keen focus on customer service.

112. Photo Stylist

Crafting scenes for photographs, ensuring props, clothing, and other elements align with the desired aesthetic of the shoot.

  • Salary range. $30,000-$70,000 annually, with potential for higher earnings on high-end commercial shoots.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate—necessitates a keen aesthetic eye and ability to work under various conditions.
  • Top tips. Network with photographers and agencies, develop a diverse portfolio showcasing various styles, and stay updated on visual trends.

113. Photography Tour Guide

Leading enthusiasts on photography-focused excursions, teaching techniques while guiding them to picturesque locations.

  • Salary range. $25,000-$60,000 annually, depending on location and frequency of tours.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate—merges knowledge of photography with interpersonal skills.
  • Top tips. Develop expertise in local photogenic spots, ensure safety measures for group tours, and regularly update yourself on camera technologies to assist participants.

114. Photography Writer/Reviewer

Writing articles, reviews, or critiques related to photography, ranging from camera equipment evaluations to discussions about photographic techniques or trends.

  • Salary range. $20,000-$60,000 annually, varying based on publication frequency, platform, and reputation.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate—requires a deep understanding of photography and good writing skills.
  • Top tips. Stay updated with the latest in photography, develop a unique voice, and cultivate relationships with photography brands and professionals.

115. Slideshow Designer

Crafting visually appealing slide shows for events, presentations, or marketing campaigns, often integrating photos, videos, and animations.

  • Salary range. $30,000-$65,000 annually, contingent upon complexity of projects and client base.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate—requires both design acumen and technical know-how.
  • Top tips. Familiarize yourself with top slideshow software, understand client needs intimately, and consistently update your design skills to keep pace with contemporary aesthetics.

116. Stock Photography Marketer

Promoting and selling stock photographs to clients, ensuring the images meet market demands and reach the right target audience.

  • Salary range. $30,000-$65,000 annually, often with commissions or bonuses based on sales.
  • Difficulty level. Moderate—requires marketing expertise and an understanding of the visual content market.
  • Top tips. Keep a pulse on visual trends, understand the needs of various industries, and build strong relationships with both photographers and buyers.

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