Your Clients Need to Know You Have a Drone—Here’s Why

I went from charging less than a thousand dollars per wedding when I first got started to making six figures as a wedding photographer.

One of the ways I did this was by adding drones to my list of camera gear.

Wedding photographers have a lot of competition these days. So you need to make sure your images stand out and speak to your ideal client. 

And one way to elevate your portfolio and differentiate your work is to add a drone to your toolkit. 

You can use your drone in different moments of the day to take memorable photos that your couples will cherish for many years—and that will increase the value of your photos, helping you increase your prices over time.

But none of this matters if your clients don’t understand the value of having a wedding photographer with a drone.

Here’s how to make sure they do.

1. Post Photos Taken with a Drone on Instagram

Sharing drone wedding photos on social media is a great way to get attention for your work.

Other couples will see your drone wedding shots and want you to take similar photos of them.

When you’re posting to Instagram or elsewhere, sprinkle in drone photos on your feed.

Also, include a highlighted story titled “Drone” or “Drone photos” and feature your best drone photos. Make sure you have a variety of photos, including shots of the couples, the venue, the landscape, and other drone wedding shots you’ve taken.

2. Feature Drone Photos on Your Website

First impressions are important. Having an awe-inspiring drone photo on your homepage can make a good impression on potential couples who are shopping for wedding photographers. 


Post a drone photo or two in prominent places on your site, including your homepage and your services page, so people can see that you offer drone photography and videography as part of your wedding photography services.

3. Include Drones on Your About Us Page

Your About Us page is a key part of your website. It’s where people go to learn more about you and your work.

Make sure to include the fact that you use drones in your wedding photography and something about why you like using them, so people understand both that you offer drone photos as part of your wedding photography and the potential value a drone can offer them.

4. Blog about Using Drones

Again—use your website to write a blog post explaining what you do with drones and how it sets you apart from other wedding photographers in your area or niche.

Here are a few tips for writing the post:

  • Make it short and to the point. Don’t waste people’s time with fluffy writing and puns about how “drones are taking off”. You can just say “I love using drones for wedding photography because . . .” Then go straight into—>
  • Show people your drone wedding photos! That’s the whole point, right?
  • Share useful information. If you have some to share—maybe warn people to only hire pilots who are Part 107 certified if you’re in the U.S., or to ask the photographer if they’re insured to fly their drone. Anything of true value will be appreciated by your readers. (It’s OK to omit this if you can’t think of anything—the drone photos are the main point!)

Feature your blog post on your homepage and menus so people can find it, and share it on your social media accounts and with friends and family.

5. Mention Drones in Your Wedding Packages 

You can include your drone services in your base wedding package, as an add-on for your upper packages, or sell it as an extra. 

Whatever you do, it’s important to highlight that drone photos come with your services so that couples know up front that you offer it, and don’t have to guess or remember to ask about it.

When couples are vetting potential wedding photographers, every little thing you can do to stand out helps. Offering drone services may be just the thing that makes you win out over a competitor, and nudges a new couple to set up an introductory interview with you.

Learn more about drone wedding packages and how to include drones in your pricing.

6. Talk about It 

Sales is part of your job as a wedding photographer.

When you’re talking to potential clients, make sure you’re highlighting all the things that make you different—including your drone photography.

So when you have virtual or in-person interviews, make sure you include your drone work. 

Highlight all the different shots you can get with a drone, including group shots, bird’s eye view shots of the couple, and shots of the venue. Also, share stories and ideas from other weddings you’ve worked on to help them imagine what you can do for them.

7. Ask Past Clients for Candid Photos of Your Drone Wedding Photos

Photos of a happy client’s framed photo can help showcase the value of your work.

If you have a client who buys and frames prints you shot of their wedding, ask them to take a picture on their phone and send it to you or share it on social media.

A picture of a framed drone wedding photo in someone’s living room can go a long way toward explaining the value you’re adding with your drone services.

8. After the Wedding—Use Drone Photos in Galleries and Slideshows

When you share galleries or slideshows with couples featuring the wedding photos you shot for them, use a drone photo as the cover image.

This will help put the venue in context and impress the married couple, getting them excited to see more. 

Also, when you share full galleries with new potential couples, these cover images will help them see the importance of hiring a wedding photographer who has a drone. And make an implicit—but strong—argument that this person should be you.

Dive deeper: Learn more about drone wedding photography in our in-depth guide.

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